Blessed Friday 

Hey everyone!

I know I haven’t been here lately.

I’m dealing with a new thing in my life and I couldn’t be anymore happier than I am now.

Just wanted to wish everyone a great weekend and blessed Friday.
Enjoy your day! 


I Phone 7

Happy I Phone day 🙂

Like always this day every year we are all hyped and excited to see the new IPhone of the year, and usually if not always we get disappointed of the new IPhone ,nevertheless we buy it ..hahaha isn’t right?!

Honestly I feel like Apple is always cheating us with their ” not ” new features that can be found in other phones like the water resistance , however when I buy an IPhone is because I’m used with the operating system and don’t feel/trust myself to change. That’s why IPhones will always be my mobile I don’t think I’ll ever change to other brand.

I like the features of the cameras of the new IPhone “really nice thanks Apple” , the water resistance is a nice touch that could have been there in the previous IPhones , the wireless headphone ?! oh my god …I’m thinking now how many headphones should I buy as a back up , because I guarantee I’ll lose them within a week :/


What do you think of the new IPhone 7 + plus is it a hit or a miss for you?!